For a decade-plus, we’ve helped shape businesses and careers through our people-first approach to talent – and we’re just getting started.

The Oggi team is dedicated. Dedicated to helping our clients and consultants grow, to nurturing long-lasting relationships within our network, and to reshaping the industry one connection at a time. We take pride in putting our decades of expertise to work every day to ensure our clients have the finance and accounting talent they need to reach and surpass their goals. In leveraging our growing roster of the highest-caliber professionals in the industry, we are able to make connections that inspire great work by creating a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship for both sides. We exist to help our partners start thriving – today and tomorrow.

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Founded on a Passion for People

Founded in 2010, Oggi was born out of a passion not only for people, but for aligning professionals with roles that generate a positive impact for everyone involved. We take pride in combining the capabilities of a $5 billion organization with the personal care of a smaller firm. With a particular focus on long-lasting personal relationships, individualized results, and impactful solutions, Oggi builds success in corporations that share these similar ideologies. From our humble beginnings in a cleared-out storage closet, we have grown into time-tested leader, recruiting and staffing the finest finance and accounting professionals and executives in the industry.

(/òg·gi/) noun

  1. Italian: today
  2. Meaningful people solutions and connections that matter

Our Core Values

Oggi’s expertise and dedication to our clients and consultants begins with our team-wide drive to succeed – each and every day. From our deeply rooted grit and passion to our unending focus on impact and results, our core values keep us focused on delivering for our partners at every turn.

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The Oggi team is always looking for talented and passionate professionals to help our clients and candidates succeed. Take a look at our open positions to take the next step forward in your career.

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Industry Insights

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