3 Ways to Expedite Hiring Utilizing a Staffing Agency

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Any business leader who has undergone significant personnel changes during their tenure is more than familiar with the challenges and headaches the hiring process can present.

From reviewing applications and interviewing candidates to negotiating salaries and facilitating onboarding, hiring new employees can be a long, highly involved process that detracts from your business’s day-to-day objectives and from your bottom line.

For many businesses, working with a staffing agency can provide much-needed bandwidth and efficiency, as well as result in more effective and engaged employees in the short and long term. Here are several key advantages staffing agencies can deliver in fulfilling temporary, permanent, and contract-to-hire needs for your business.

Better Candidates and Better Hires

We are undeniably in a job seeker's market today. With so many positions available and far fewer professionals looking to fill them, finding and securing high-quality talent is as challenging as it has ever been.

This challenge has been felt by top decision-makers, as well. More than 50% of hiring managers say one of their main challenges in the recruiting process is gaining access to candidates with the right skills, while 40% say the most difficult phase of recruitment is simply sourcing talent.

A reputable staffing agency will have an extensive network of talent to choose from when looking to fill positions, taking time to get to know you and the candidate pool to ultimately achieve the best mutual fit for both parties.

A staffing partner can sift through the unqualified or lower-caliber prospects to send you only those that fit the desired description, and that performed well during the initial screening. This means your team’s time is spent exclusively speaking to and assessing the best talent available – talent that is also more likely to succeed once brought on board.

Reduced Cost of Open Positions

Many business owners see the upfront cost of working with a staffing agency and decide hiring through in-house processes will be the much more economical option. While this may be true in the short term, the cost and loss of productivity associated with open positions can quickly mount to a negation of any such supposed savings.

Open positions – especially those that occur unexpectedly – make time-to-hire a fundamentally critical aspect of your business. With in-house hiring processes, that time can build over months and eventually lead to desperation and settling for a less-than-ideal candidate. Consideration of a consultant to fill these critical roles can help you maintain productivity while a long-term solution can be evaluated.

An agency can dramatically reduce hiring timelines to ensure open positions do not remain that way for long and that they are efficiently filled with high-caliber talent ready to perform on either a temporary, permanent, or contract-to-hire basis. While the initial expense of working with an agency can limit some of the attraction, the long-term value of minimizing time-to-hire with industry-leading candidates can more than make up for it.

Increased Hiring Flexibility

In an era abundant with short-term contracts and consultant hires, the ability to flexibly bring on team members based on unique project needs is a must, not only to allow staffing agility but also to attract talent interested in those types of positions.

Staffing agencies specialize in identifying and recommending talent capable of filling these shorter-term roles, with the ability to extend quality fits and performers in the form of full-time offers or contract extensions when the time comes.

The increasingly remote and hybrid working environments of today also require flexibility in hiring processes, as more and more businesses need professionals who can maintain productivity whether at home, in the office, or anywhere in between.

Empower Your Team With Oggi Talent

For growth-minded businesses, staffing and recruiting need to be about much more than simply filling a seat. They need to be about finding the right people for the right positions that will help your business succeed –today and tomorrow.

Oggi understands the difference, which is why we put decades of expertise to work every day to ensure businesses have the finance and accounting professionals they need to reach and surpass their goals.

We differ from most other finance and accounting staffing agencies, utilizing a people-first approach and always placing the quality of fit above all else to pair professionals with roles that will be as impactful for them as they will be for your organization.

Contact us today to start hiring meaningful talent for meaningful growth.

Staffing Agency FAQs

Q: Are staffing agencies only useful for temporary hires?

A: No, staffing agencies can also assist with permanent and contract-to-hire positions to find the best-fit candidates for your business.

Q: How do staffing agencies ensure they are sending qualified candidates?

A: Reputable staffing agencies have rigorous screening processes in place to thoroughly assess a candidate's skills, experience, and fit before presenting them to a client.

Q: Can staffing agencies help with hiring for remote positions?

A: Yes, many staffing agencies specialize in finding and recommending talent that can thrive in remote or hybrid work environments.

Q: What industries do staffing agencies typically work with?

A: Staffing agencies can work with a variety of industries, from finance and accounting to healthcare and technology. It ultimately depends on the agency's area of expertise.

Q: How can partnering with a staffing agency save time and money in the hiring process?

A: Staffing agencies have an extensive network of pre-screened candidates, saving businesses the time and resources spent on advertising, sourcing, and screening potential hires. They also have expertise in quickly filling open positions to minimize productivity loss. Additionally, partnering with a staffing agency can offer long-term cost savings by ensuring high-quality hires who are more likely to succeed and stay with the company.

Q: Can staffing agencies also provide consulting services for hiring and recruitment strategies?

A: Yes, many staffing agencies offer consulting services to assist businesses in developing effective hiring and recruitment strategies that align with their goals and values.

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